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I’m Back

I got a new laptop in and am back.  I took a few days off as I wasn’t in an online mood but I’ll fill the queue back up for you good folks.

I normally don’t post the same cosplayer two days in a row, but holy shit balls she has some great cosplays.  The femme riddler is great (or is that Duela Dent - I’m behind on my Batman mythos), the Tuariel is perfect and there aren’t enough Masters of the Universe cosplays so I adore her Sorceress.

A very talented artist in Costa Rica who appears to be a cosplayer, painter and costumer, of impressive degrees each individually and even more so in combination.  

Miss Carissa White

I have a fondness for the creamy white skin, the hint of fetish, the abandonment of pretense other than to be a visual object of beauty.  


I’m trying to get the queue a little healthier but there is a chance I may miss some posts in the not too far future. My laptop has died and I’m waiting on the new one to come in.

Meet Alodia Gosiengfiao

I was looking for a certain kind of cosplay and stumbled on this site.  Check out her cosplays.  Check out her art!  The Baroness is awesome.  Her gamer girl is sexy as hell.  The Harley Quinn kicked my ass.

Victoria from Russia

Pure, awesome sexy cosplay.  I feel like I’m seeing a lot of video game cosplay these days with bare midriffs.  As for the cosplayer … look, a buddy once told me to never get serious with a Russian chick and I won’t repeat what he said because he had issues.  But, even he conceded that Russian women can be some of the most sexy women in the world.

Meet Neliel Tu from Argentenia, once again proof that while I don’t know how large Argentenia’s cosplay scene is, everything I see from it is great.

Yoda Book Sculpture by Jodi Harvey-Brown

Yoda Book Sculpture by Jodi Harvey-Brown

Meet Tasha from South Korea.

Look, I’ve got nothing to add to these.  I’m going to hell anyway.  Enjoy.

I feel like the last week or so have been some very, very sexy posts so when I found this page at first I thought I would get a tamer post out of it, you know, for variety.  That didn’t work out.  


Star Wars Slave Leia. / Model: Lutetium (KittyToxin) / Photographers: Robin Orlic & Kris Ezergailis