wonder woman pin up style

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I’ll be your Superman … 

Anyway, the very first lovely I’m pretty sure is Tattooed Pinup Gal here on Tumblr though I found the picture unattributed, the second is Skittlecide of the Suicide Girls and I have no attribution for the second two.

A few days ago I did a Barroness cosplay post.  I just realized I had forgotten to include one of Callie’s cosplay.  My only consolation is that she deserves her own dedicated post anyway.


Diablo 3: Crusader Cosplay by SpcatsTasha

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Liz Katz, bare midriff, Spider-Man shirt, sexy.  If you need more reasons to post something you’re trying too hard.

I believe that we are all ultimately just people of the same shared world, so my part in international diplomacy today will be the sharing of Astrid Riddle of Taiwan with you.

Meet Katsumiyo a US cosplayer.  I love the ripped leggings and cow costume too much.  There is something very wrong with me.  Thank goodness there is a lot wrong with many girls as well.

I think the elf ears here qualify as a bit of cosplaying but this is just pure nerdy goodness.  The images are of Satine Phoenix photographed by Greg De Stefano.  If you don’t know who Satine Phoenix is and her connection to gaming I couldn’t say it better than she does here:

Some of my favorite Baronesses including Alodia Gosiengfiao who is impeccable, Yaya Han, Shadow Cosplay, a photo from Ken Nash which may not be meant to be the Baroness but damn well should be and the third one - I don’t know who that is but she’s great.

More of the photography of Ken Nash.

The delicate perversions of photographer Ken Nash.

I’m Back

I got a new laptop in and am back.  I took a few days off as I wasn’t in an online mood but I’ll fill the queue back up for you good folks.